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Boxing and injury give me ur experiences18881

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i have been having issues with my back problems in two different cartilages , beside the need to lose weight i need some kind of sport in my life , boxing is interesting and it strengths the back alot beside the whole lot of cardio included

1- how would boxing go with back injuries ? it's only body weight pressure right ? it will hurt but wont worthen my injury ?
2- wt are the best resources for boxing that u know like drills and stuff at home for a starter test wt i can handle would be nice

Thanks in advance , Been a while since i asked here
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Uuh it can pose a problem for sure but try it. However if you wanna start boxing don't do a bunch of shit at home before you go to a club, go there and practice the way they'll tell you.
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Did amateur boxing for about 4 years it's a lot of twisting bending and pivoting I'd ask a dr first and find a gym and trainer to teach you proper technique but it is hellacious cardio. Some trainers also don't want you to lift because of bulkiness and it takes a lot of oxygen to feed those muscles...
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Thanks fellas it is why am doing it tho cos i cant lift yet
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