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Uneven hips (lateral pelvic tilt?)18782

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Due to many years of being obese and having overall terrible posture, I'm now absolutely certain that I've developed uneven hips. Even though it was noticeable before as well, now as I'm leaning out it's getting pretty annoying seeing it in the mirror.

Basically, my hips are uneven, but I'm unsure what the cause is. The way I see it it's either scoliosis, lateral pelvic tilt, or both. One side is "higher" than the other one, as if one leg is shorter, when it really isn't.

For what it's worth, I've been working on my posture the past few months and have managed to correct a few things. I also had anterior pelvic tilt but managed to make it much better. However, this uneven hips thing is starting to irritate me. That said, I was wondering if anyone can recommend exercises, possibly with video, or if they can share similar experiences.

I also found these exercises, and wanted to hear thoughts whether it'd be worth doing them. The video is titled "anterior pelvic tilt" but if I'm not mistaken it seems to address the lateral tilt, which is what I think I have.

Many thanks.
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go to a chiropracter.

I have the same issue. She said it could be scoliosis but doubtful given when I touch my toes theres no signs of a curved spine.

I had a muscular imblanace on my left side plus a natural tilt towards my right side (which is normal in everyone). My left lat was also incredibly tight.

After a few sessions there has been some really good progress.
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Alright, appreciate your input.
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