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4/5 squat

Weight 205.6


Warmup: bar x12; 135x10; 225x6; 275x3
Banded TKEs 2x25 each leg

Working: 315x4; 285x5; 265x6; 225x8

RDL: 205x10; 225x10x2

Plank plate transfers: 6 5lb plates, transferred three times each direction, 3 sets

TKEs 2x25 each leg

Superset: x10 KB swings + x10 goblet squats two sets

Leg press: 360x12x2
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Short update.

I'm back on the diet grind. Weights been hovering around 207 for the last few weeks. New pic up in profile.

Last weekend was my birthday, so between that and Easter I had quite a feast, which I think is still impacting my weigh-in today at 208.0. I'd like to get down to 200, and see what that looks like, but depending on how I feel, may not go that low.

With spring weather I've been doing more LISS, long walks with wife and daughter in stroller, and adding in one HIIT session on the weekend. I did some sprinting and jumping work on Sunday, and had DOMS like I couldn't believe, which finally started subsiding today. Seems like a good sign to keep that up.

Gym time is pretty much same routine, except I've been subbing in some tri-set/quad-set work on bis, tris, and delts, that I learned from the Defranco's gym blog, rather than the other iso stuff I usually do. Big Lifts are below my maxes I was hitting in Jan-Feb time frame, but staying pretty high for me. Last two weeks I've got 275x5 for bench, 315x5 squat, 425x2 dead. As I am eating less, I'm going to try for lower volume and keeping intensity up.

Also trying to get back to more diligent logging.
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4/24 bench

Weight: 208.4

Good energy today. Should've tried for a heavier top set, but didn't have a spotter.

Bench: 275x5; 255x7; 235x9

Pull ups: +70 lbs 3x2; +35 lbs x6; BW x7

Incline DB press: 80s x10; 75s x10

Seated cable row (v-grip): 180x10; 172.5x10

Dips: BW x20

One arm pull downs: 72.5x8; 65x8

Lateral raises: 35s x10

Neutral grip assisted pull ups: -50 lbs x10

Shoulder shocker: 7x rear delt raises + 5x 1.5 rep lateral raises + 5x Cuban press + 7x front plate raises. 2 rounds with 20 lb DBs and 35 lb plate

Incline YWTs: 10 lb DBs 5x each move, pause at top. Supersetted with one arm shrugs: 80 lbs x8. Two supersets
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4/26 deadlift

Weight: 207.0

Deads warmup: 205x7; 25 banded TKEs; 275x5; 25 banded TKEs; 325x3

Working: 345x3; 375x2; 395x1; 405x1; 415x1; 425x1; 405x2; 395x3; 345x5; 275x8

Squats: 135x10; 225x8; 265x4; 225x5

Another 25 TKEs each leg

Weighted planks: +45 lbs x 75 seconds; x 60 seconds

One legged calf raises: BW x25x3 each leg

Abdominal crunch machine: 100 lbs with slow (3-5 second) return to start (negative?)

Leg press: 400 x10; 360x12
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4/28 OHP

Weight: 206.4

OHP warmup: bar x15; 95x8; 125x5; 135x3
Band pull aparts x15 and dislocations x5 between each warmup set

Working: 155x5; 145x6; 135x7

Bent over rows: 155x10; 175x10; 185x8

Seated DB OHP: 65s x8

Arnold press: 55s x10

Bicep tri-set: 3x slow negative chin ups; 6x 1.5 rep incline curls (30# DBs); 12x band hammer curls (purple band). Two rounds

Push up quad-set: 5x extensions; 5x diamond push ups; 5x each side plank to push up position; 5x slow negative push ups. Two rounds.

This combo ^ yielded a massive pump.

facepulls w/ rope handle: 65 x10; 57.5 x10

Overhead tri extensions with rope handle: 65x10; 57.5 x10

SS: Rear Delt raises 20s x10 + 1.5 rep lateral raises x7. Two rounds.

Assisted chin ups: -30 lbs x10
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5/2 bench

Weight: 204.8

Bench (working sets): 275x5; 255x6; 245x7

Pull ups: +60 lbs x4 + 2 (rest pause); +35 lbs x4 +3; BW x7 +2

Incline DB bench: 70s x10x2

Inverted rows: 2x10

One arm DB rows: 90 2x7

Shoulder shocker: 20 lbs DBs x5 rear felt raises, x5 1.5 rep side laterals, x5 Cuban press, x5 45 lb plate front raises. Two rounds.

Peck deck and reverse peckdeck finisher sets
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Weight: 206.0

Did squats on Wednesday, top sets 315x3; 295x5; 275x5.

My lower back wasn't feeling spectacular today, so I opted for seated back supported DB OHP instead of standing barbell version. Top sets were: 75s x6; 65s x8; 60s x10

Chin ups: +70 lbs x5 + 2; +35lbs x6 +2; BW x7 +3

Close grip bench: 185x10x2; 205x7

BB Rows: 185x8; 165x10; 155x12

Push up quad-set x2

3, 6, 12 Bicep tri-set x2. 30lb DBs for 1.5 rep incline curls, purple band for hammer curls.

Lateral raises: 35s x7 + 30s x5 + 20s x 5

Shoulder shocker with 20 lb DBs for rear raises, lateral raises and Cuban press, and 45 lb plate for front raises

Banded facepulls: purple band 2x15
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5/12 update

Weight: 204.8

My daily/weekly deficits are staying pretty slight, so the weight is not dropping significantly. Regardless, maybe it's some kind a placebo effect, but I'm looking a lot leaner visually. I've had some random acquaintances comment on recent weight loss, and that my arms look bigger, even though the weight loss has been pretty minimal. Ive got to say I'm pretty pleased with where I'm at, though I'm going to continue until I uncover my lower abs and back.

Though my lifts have dropped from the PRs I was hitting in January, they're staying up relative to where they were last year during my cut. Top sets this week were:

275x5 bench

395x5x4 trap bar dead (super busy gym that day with all barbells in use)

155x5 OHP

5x pull ups with 70 lbs added

It's getting gorgeous outside where I live, so going to start incorporating more outdoor activities. Did a ~3 mile hike at good pace with my toddler in a backpack last Saturday, which was awesome. Going to make that a regular thing this summer.
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Hey guys and gals. Took a few months off from posting, but have still been lurking periodically.

I finished my dieting phase, although it was pretty loose for most of the summer. I got my body weight to 198 a little over a week ago. From look test, I appear leaner than I did at 198 last year, and I have to say it's the best shape I've ever been in, though I don't have any recent pictures to show of it. Had a week of very gluttonous vacation and was at 205 this morning, but I figure that will revert closer to 200 as I get back on a normal routine.

Just before my vacation, I wanted to do a strength test since it was presumably the lowest I'll weigh this year. I've never properly tested 1RMs before and was pleased with my results:

Squat: 355
Bench: 325
Dead: 465

All without belt, straps, wraps, etc. Squat should have been higher, but I tired myself out by starting too high. I think 405 is well within reach.

Now I'm going to move to moderate surplus, and dropping weight down (to facilitate smooth progression for at least a few weeks) to start a linear progression program with 3x5 (AMRAP on last set whenever I can manage) for big three and weighted chin-ups, and 3x10 for accessories. Short-ish term goal is to get up to 3x5 for same weight I've been doing for my 1x5 top set in reverse pyramid training. Then we'll see where it goes from there.

Will try to get log back up with more frequent posting, but may only post highlights.
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Weight: 202.8

Squats: 135x10; 185x7; 225x5; 275x5x3

Trap bar dead: 275x10; 325x7x3

hamstring curl machine and leg press for volume

6 sets of core work
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8/18/17 weight 201.6

Chin ups: +25lbs x5 x5 x7

Dips: +45 x5 x5 x15(haven't done weighted in some time so I severely underestimated how much to put on for 3x5. Going for +90 next time)

Incline 1.5 rep curls: 35s x10 x8 x5 going to stay with this weight adding reps until 3x10

Close grip bench: 185 x10 x10 x6 same progression as above

Preacher curls: EZ bar +50 x10 x10 x8

Rolling DB tri extensions: 35s x10 x10 x7

Whole bunch of lateral raises, rear felt raises, front raises, face pulls, and some more curls
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