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8 Day Training Split : Strength and Size149

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Coming off my last program that is primarily "Strength" oriented this Saturday, next Monday will be the beginning of going back to a Bodybuilder Training split to put on some serious size, while incorporating some strength training in the process.

Wanted to share my newly formulated routine, and see what people think.

The following abbreviations are as such:

HP - Hyperatrophy based (8-12 rep range)
PP - Power Based / Strength Based (4-6rep range)

Day1 - PP : Chest HP : Triceps
Day2 - PP : Back HP : Biceps
Day3- PP : Delts HP : Legs
Day4 - ***OFF***
Day5 - HP : Chest HP: Triceps
Day6- HP : Back HP: Biceps
Day7- HP : Delts PP: Legs
Day8- ***OFF**


What this comes out to is:
- Each Muscle Group 2x a week essentially
- Arms are always trained for HP, no PP.
- Chest/Back/Delts/Legs have 1x HP session,1X PP Session
- The general sequence is : Chest/Tri, Back/Bi, Delt/Legs, however Delts & Legs switch their HP/PP days so more focus can be put for maximum Power on each day, before proceeding to Hyperatrophy movement for the other muscle group.

-There is sufficient rest for all muscles that would essentially affect or hinder the others performance;example: Chest and Shoulders are spaced out with breaks or 2 days apart so they have their full strength upon hitting them for peak PP or HP performance

-One can consistently calculate how their strength is increasing in lifts for the larger muscle groups 1x a week, and use this strength advantage to improve Hyperatrophy performance

-An individual will be fully recharged before hitting each muscle group, as there is full recuperation available even for Secondary muscles.

What do you guys think, any bad or good critiques?
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Another option would be for a 7day split, rather than 8:

Day1- PP: Chest HP: Tricep
Day2- PP: Back HP: Delts/Biceps
Day3- HP: Legs
Day4- HP: Chest HP:Triceps
Day5- HP: Back HP: Biceps
Day6- PP: Delts PP: Legs
Day7- Off

I like this one because you can dedicate a lot of time to smashing your legs on Hyperatrophy day.

I dislike it because you on Day2, you will have to really push through to do the Shoulder Hyperatrophy work, after having done a Chest and Tricep workout the day before. Also, the Strength Training for back will take a lot out of you ( Heavy sets of Double-Triple Deadlifts, and 4-6 reps Barbell Rows, Rack Pulls, Shrugs) before you get to the shoulder work.

At the same time, Hyperatrophy is not about the "weight" pushed, so even if you suffer 5-15 pounds before you hit Shoulders on Hyperatrophy day due to having them fatigued from Chest/Tri day and already having done heavy back work, you will still be recovered to see your 'Strength' Progress when they are well rested on Day6.

Both have pros and cons, I think the fact it can be split into 7 days instead of 8 is great, but perhaps some weeks I( or others ) would need 2 days of rest instead of 1.
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