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How many carbs should I consume while cuttin1354

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Hi all,

I need some advise. I just got into the healthy lifestyle of eating right and working out.

I weigh 246.4 pounds (112kg) and my height is 6ft 1in (185cm). Now according to Greg Plitt's calculation, my base caloric need is 3780. So in order to lose weight I need to minus 500 cal from my base calories, which gives me 3280 cal, and I should cut my carb intake.

Now accourding to the reshearch I've done, for bulking I need a 1g of protein and 2g of carbs per pound of body weight daily. So that gives me 246g of protein and 492g of carbs a day which accounts for 2952cal of the 3280cal I need to consume daily.

My questions are:
1. Is the calculation of my daily caloric needs correct or is there a better way?

2. If my total protein and carb needs make up for only 2952 of my total caloric need, should the remaining 328 calories come from good fats?

3. What is the minimum amount of carbs I must consume in order to cut?

4. For example, if I cut 100g of carbs out my diet so that I can burn fat should I replace it with 100g of protein?
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Answers to your questions:
1. What is your body fat at? I too have used that calculation on myself and friends and BF% definitely affects it.
2. For a bulk:
protein = 1-1.5g/lb BW
fats = 0.5-0.75g/lb BW
carbs = varies loads depending on body type, metabolism etc. You really have to play around with that depending on yourself.
3. Again, varies loads. What bodytype are you and how old are you?
4. For cutting, reduce carbs but raise protein slightly (to like 1.5g/lb or possibly more) and raise fats as well, just make sure you are on a deficit.

Sorry for such an obscure answer, but telling people their macros when you know so little about them is far from an exact science.
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Thanx for the feedback. I really appreciate it. I'm new to all of this and even though i've done a tone of research, nothing beats hands on experience. Thank God for forums. lol!

I'm 25 years old and as for my BF%, I don't know it exactley but if I had to guess I'd say its about 17 - 18%.

How does BF% affect the calculation. Should the calculation be done on lean body mass?

As for my bodytype, I'm a mesomorph.
As for my metabolism, I'd say its moderate.
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You really don't need to ever go above 1.25g/lb body weight in protein, even when cutting.

Carbs are the macro that you can manipulate the most to get your results, so that is where you need to focus your diet around. How carbs affect you really varies from person to person. So that is something to experiment with.

For a bulk, I go at about these levels:

Protein: 1.1-1.2g/lb
Carbs: 2g/lb
Fats: .5g/lb (maximum)

For a cut:

Protein: 1.25g/lb
Carbs: I cycle, usually with 2 "high" or "refeed" days @ 2g/lb, but the rest at .9-1g/lb
Fats: .3-.4g/lb

This is just what works for me. I've been able to lower my carbs down to these levels without losing much muscle mass at all. Just make sure that when hitting your macro levels (whatever you set them at) that you eat clean to reach them, and it'll go a long way assuming you set them even somewhat accurately.
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^^ EF JK's looks pretty good to help you out.
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Shot EF JK and MrMailliw for the info. I'm really greatfull.

Last question:

1. Should I use my lean body weight(weight minus body fat %) to calculate my total calories needed, along with my total protein, carb, and fat needs or should I use my total body weight?
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You can use either your lean body mass total or your goal weight to calculate your totals. I would suggest you start with your goal weight, since your body fat seems to be a little high, and then readjust once your body starts to adapt to your diet.
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