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anyone know some cheap branded multi vitamin that they can recommend me? i'm currently using gummy ones that says its for "overall maintenance of good health" and i take two of them even though it says to take one a day. I'm asking becuase i know many uses animal pak or expensive kinds like that but 40$ for animal pak is just not realistic for me. Any advice would help!
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I believe I use One-a-Day Men's. Natures Made also makes a comparable supplement. If money weren't an issue I'd probably just use Orange Triad
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Universal Univite is usually 20 bucks for 3 months worth. That or you get store brand.
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Educated myself a bit today on multi's, as I was in need of some more. The cheaper quality multi's use Magnesium oxide (for Magnesium) and cyanocobalamin for Vitamin B12. Costs less for the company to use those ingredients, but the body has to take extra steps to use them.

Picked up Life Force Multiple today. $12+shipping for 30 servings. It uses Magnesium Chelate and Methylcobalamin for B12, which is more readily able to be used by the body. It also had stellar reviews and its cheap. So good deal.
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