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Help me guess my body fat Johm7866 7 1 monthkevinscott (1): Do yo have any experience with diabetes problems ? I found this article researching for myself. What do you think?
How to stop Binge Eating FindingFit 7 1 yearNiclas (1): Put a note on your fridge saying "Wake up". It will remind you that unconcious behaviour goes against your goals
20% BF to 10% BF GoldenAesthetics 9 2 yearsGoldenAesthetics (19): @Beans that is a good idea, i will do it and like eknight said, its never exact thank you all :)
Body fat estimate Jdog18 1 2 yearsJdog18 (1): I'm at 5'7 164 now I'm trying to cut to around 10-12% how much more weight do you think need to lose to get there? First picture is unforced and the other is flexed
Body fat estimate Jdog18 1 2 yearsJdog18 (1): Alright Ive been cutting for a few months now I'm down from 194 to 171 . I'm just wondering what body fat you think I am ... This is me flexed, also what weight do you think I should stop my cut at. I'm 5'6
Checking in for advice wxfreekj 8 3 yearswxfreekj (157): Added a few 100 calories yesterday--up to 2400. Felt strong last night lifting and running... woke up this AM a lil lighter. Thanks for the advice...think I'll stick with the upped kcal for a few weeks and see what happens.
I need help with anabolic diet. dannyboy0526 25 3 yearsdannyboy0526 (1): I will be printing the to read tonight
Bodyfat Percentage jslinjr 5 3 yearsParkerHenry (94): 15-18%
need help losing weight kwixxer6 3 4 yearskwixxer6 (1): thank you