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Routine Design for Dummies 1.0 eknight 176 10 daysElminister (3412): Ok, thanks. That's pretty much what I've been doing for last two months.
Simply Shredded FAQ - Read before posting! Frostshock 38 1 yearRyanEdward (10): Awesome post
Why Does Soy Reduce Estrogen In Studies? biohacked 1 4 hoursbiohacked (1): Soy is widely known in health circles as pro-estrogenic and feminizing and men are recommended to avoid it. If that’s actually the case, can anyone explain why serum estrogen levels actually decrease in soy-supplemented groups in studies in both men and women? And why is there an inverse relationship between hormone dependent cancers such as breast and prostate cancer (I suppose all cancers are hormone dependent) and soy consumption? Here are...
Advice for Short Lunchtime Workouts(45 min) randallkevin 2 6 hoursforgottenpass (331): Workouts...meaning at a gym? If so, 45 minutes is more than enough to get most workouts done with warm up, hell even less. As for tips,put your phone down avoiding social media, keep a bottled water so you don't have to walk back and forth across the gym and try not to have unnecessarily long rest times. ...And talk to the hot chick squatting once your workout is finished.
First meet log lolssons 38 11 hourslolssons (1195): Wednesday (Felt like shit) Just did some random legwork my body was tired as fuck... Got some decent work in but nothing worthy of logging
my return to the forum _peterbrah 1 18 hours_peterbrah (91): returning to the forum hello everyone, my name is peter, i was quite an active member many many years ago when i begun my journey with fitness. these are some of my old threads. back in the day this was simplyshredded HAHA i had some trouble finding this there you can find some of the...
Another LOG for the Old Man wannabemuscular 214 1 daywannabemuscular (32871): Tuesday 12/12: Back and stuff Neutral Wide Grip Pulldown: -- 120x12, 140x12, 160x12, 200 2x10 -- Dropset: 220x6, 180x6, 140x8 Cable Straight Arm Pushdown: 70 2x12 DB External Rotation: 15 3x15 (abducted) Seated Machine Row: -- 130x10, 150 2x10 -- Dropset: 150x10, 110x10, 90x10 DB Reverse Fly: 25 2x12 Preacher Curl Machine: -- 90 2x10 -- Dropset: 90x10, 75x6, 60x8 Birthday workout. This old man is 44 today. .
Strongest range Hambo 8 2 dayseknight (57505): @randallkevin OP does something called static contraction training that he knows is neither optimal, nor even very good and has admitted as such, but for some reason won’t stop training in this manner and is, therefore, obsessed with holding weight statically in whatever he perceives to be the strongest point of a range of motion, rather than just doing a full rep. Then he creates threads such as this one asking about what position the glutes...
Cardio Motivation randallkevin 8 2 daysrandallkevin (22): eknight, I've cut my 2 hour workouts down to a more intensified 60-75 minute workout. I've noticed an increase in my focus and feel like there is growth. It's also easier to get to the gym for an extra day of the week (for me 4 instead of 3) when it is only for 60 mins. Thanks for the tip.
Double butt crease WTF?! Nicolelou 8 3 daysYeags (985): I would do what wannabemusculer said those are good exercises. From that view you don’t have fat I’d just exercise...
Interesting Interview On Health Future biohacked 2 3 daysDorich (433): wut
My training log getfit24 76 4 daysgetfit24 (43): 5 sets 8 ea side, lateral wall balls 30 second elbow plank 3 sets 10 side to side ball slam 10 renegade rows, 10lbs 35lb kb farmer's walk 3 sets 10 squat to wall balls 12 25lb kb swing 10 TRX inverted row I also did yesterday's finisher which is: 8 sets 20 sec exercise, 10 sec rest box jumps KB sled, 35lb kb rope pull skier's swing, 10lbs db
Fish Consumption And Diabetes Risk biohacked 1 5 daysbiohacked (1): There’s little question that fish contain environmental pollutants such as mercury and PCBs with, generally, bigger fish such as shark and tuna containing more and smaller fish like sardines containing less. That’s been common knowledge between health researchers for a while now. The real question is whether that translates into any of the major degenerative diseases in people (such as cancer or diabetes). Well, sadly, in the case of...
I need some encouragement guys... TootCRoll 12 6 dayshaole (2082): This ^^^ From what I've learned over the years is that you just have to be realistic with yourself. I wouldn't recommend you try to maintain an 8% body fat average unless your normal lifestyle can maintain it naturally. What I mean by that is that if you have to cut every month to stay down at 8% or have to do some boring cardio every week to maintain that low level body fat then you have to decide if that is worth it to you. You should be able...
How to get heart rate between 120-130 Fend3rstrat 13 6 daysNorIda (46762): Just came in to LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL at the anabolic comment Carry on.
who missess simplyshredded forum ? dollar786 11 9 dayshaole (2082): After a while you see the same threads and the same questions and the same old trolololling. I used to read interviews and get a little inspiration from it.
Biohacking Protocol Of A Millionaire biohacked 1 9 daysbiohacked (1): The strategies are pretty standard but still pretty interesting for anyone who’s looked into ‘biohacking’. The guy is a CEO of a company that does half a billion dollars a year in revenue so he definitely has to be high performing. Funny enough he follows a ketogenic diet, fasts frequently and uses ssri’s for mood improvement. Here’s his whole protocol:...
i have a issue tristana 2 10 daysFiremanSi (42280): Studies have shown to maintain and optimise muscle mass whilst in a caloric deficit cardio should be carried out after weight based exercises. I would shoot into so many cardio sessions per week either because then they have to be maintained throughout the course of the diet... That’s why u should only start with maybe 2.
How to take HIIT workout to the next level?? onyxac 4 10 daysFiremanSi (42280): U shouldn’t be doing weights or strength work as I call it in a high intensity capacity as it will result in injury. That’s why CrossFit has a 25% increase in pec tears..
What are some major pain points of HIIT? onyxac 2 10 dayseknight (57505): Mostly when people ask a bunch of questions about it here. Man that just drives me batshit! -3X
estimate my bf calindan2013 10 11 daysA_em (2389): Open thread to view post.
mind-muscle connection frame 12 11 daysYeags (985): Watch porn then just go to sleep that will confuse the hell out of your muscle🤬🤬🤬
Rate my workout plan Sionizer 1 11 daysSionizer (1): So my goal is to shredd and maintain muscle mass. Ive came up with this routine. Can some one check it and give opinion Mon 20 min hiit cardio(sprints or bike) Upper body 1 Pull ups -till failure×3 Weighted dips(chest wersion)12 10 8 reps Military press 12 10 8 reps Overhead dumbbell extension 12 10 8 reps Barbblell curl 12 10 8 reps Tue 15 min hiit cardio (box jumps...
Calling out eknight BeStrong 4 11 daysDorich (433): @BeStrong
who watches dbs dollar786 24 13 daysdollar786 (169): you wont know what hit you !
Help Derrick2205 6 15 dayswannabemuscular (32871): OP says "I eat good", but can't gain weight. Strange ....
Is this an effective routine savinperera123 13 15 dayswannabemuscular (32871): @savinperera123 Read the "Routine Design for Dummies 1.0" thread at the top of the forum home page. Make sure you adhere to the basic principles explained there and you'll be fine. After reading, come back with any questions.
Hgh test e Davidwynne 5 17 daysJohnJogn (1): You should read about side HGH and Test effects.
eating, sleep and breathe Hambo 4 18 dayseknight (57505): I know it’s a gimmick and it will never produce results akin to dynamic full ROM training. -3X
2 weeek bulk,2 week cur cycle savinperera123 4 21 daysFiremanSi (42280): Ur mesocycles for bulking should definatelty be longer. If ur a lean individual already then do a lean bulk of 1-2lbs/month max.. then do a cut at a later date. This will stand to you better in the long run !!
Omega 3 loading for testosterone & mental drskyler 5 22 daysJsn3004 (3067): Damn look at all of those happy guys hugging their wives. You know they're happy as fuck because their testosterone levels increased 300 percent. They must be banging 24/7.
Best Pre-Workout & Creatine randallkevin 9 22 dayswannabemuscular (32871): @jayjay770 whenever I see your name I read it as "vajayay" :)
Animal Cuts jayjay770 2 23 daysJsn3004 (3067): What's up with you and supplements dude? What's your diet looking like? Whats your routine looking like? Are you getting enough sleep? Do you do your mobility work? Every post you do is about a new supplement.
about plateaus Hambo 5 23 dayseknight (57505): @jayjay770 why? To what purpose? -3X
Back from the layoff Log varunj17 48 24 daysvarunj17 (498): Not logging but still Cycle 3 Week 3: Monday Switch things up to H/P/S 1. Squats: Set 1: 8+1 @ 97.5kg Set 2: 8 @ 97.5kg Set 3: 8 @ 100kg Set 4: 8 @ 100kg 2. incline Bench: 3*8 at 70kg LEg Hypertrophy
Risk for vertabrae injury Hambo 3 28 dayseknight (57505): Maybe. -3X
Stretch marks on butt (srs) Mustbenice 5 29 daysEricleader22 (1): Of course but they should fade w time. Eric leader Owner
Biceps brachii Hambo 2 1 monthAoverto7 (310): I can tell you when its the weakest. Greater than 180 degrees.
SCTM Hambo 2 1 monthJsn3004 (3067): I think @eknight can help you with that one. That man eat, sleeps, and breathes static contraction training. Oh wait...
Fat Loss Help Needed! kbahramicc 8 1 monthwannabemuscular (32871): @Patrick Looks like it comes down to a well rounded and nutritious diet overall.
40Mastebolin 100mg/ml-Drostanolone Propionat SandyJams 2 1 monthBenBuyld12 (1): Hi Sandy ! It’s not a problem at all. I know the side effects quiet good. But I need to say that the drug effective and you can have these effects only if you won’t control the normal dosage. Due to the low anabolic index, Mastebolin is very effective as a fat-burning drug, but at the same time it often causes androgenic reactions. The main side effects of Mastebolin are:...
Simple advise for a beginner? unfitweakfat 8 1 montheknight (57505): No problem. We all start somewhere. I was legit 93 pounds the first time I walked into a gym to work out. -3X
Build "decent" quads with limited exercises? forgottenpass 12 1 montheknight (57505): None of those are exercises I’d advise- especially not Russian twists. You’re putting your spine in flexion and rotation- the exact position you’re never supposed to lift an object from. Very unsafe. I would advise anti-flexion and anti-rotation movements for strong lumbopelvic musculature. Things like planks, side planks, anti-rotation band movements, and Pallof presses. -3X
MOVED TO US WITH 18 BYMYSELFTO BODYBUILDING vascovic 4 1 monthEricleader22 (1): Keep training Eric leader Owner
Onward Onslaught Cannonball 280 1 monthCannonball (6262): Been doing some more "functional" training lately, or ball throws and stuff with different slamballs. However did try bench yesterday and did 244x17 paused which is a PR. Nice!
Skinny Guy eat dirty or clean?? Skinchenzo 7 1 monthEricleader22 (1): Keep working out in opinion Eric leader Owner's_best_personal_trainers__in-home_personal_trainers_in_silver_spring_maryland__in_home_personal_training_in_silver_spring.htm
Should I begin with a Bulk or a Cut? randallkevin 7 1 monthrandallkevin (22): You've caught me there. I do want to get bigger then. And then cut down my body fat. I get it now. If I don't BULK ... and grow my muscles, than there won't be anything there to look more toned. The CUT then cuts the additional fat gained during the bulk. Thank you for helping me understand the purpose of a bulk better.
Blue Star Blade jayjay770 2 1 monthAoverto7 (310): No, and I honestly wouldn't. Not sure in the validity of the statements on the website but anything that says it would increase norepinephrine levels would worry me about creating a hormonal imbalance and messing with my endocrine system. Also, I would worry about it affecting my blood pressure and overall heart health. I'll tell you what works better is a caloric deficit. This will for sure burn fat. The thing is that it takes time,...
New here, is this meal plan ok for losing bf TedBundo 8 1 montheknight (57505): But why would one want to keep it down? For healthy, active people, it’s been demonstrated numerous times that not only can you lose weight, fat, and improve markers of inflammation eating completely processed “unclean” foods, but also that diets that are too restrictive or are exclusionary are often too difficult to maintain and people end up binging and overeating to regain weight back. “Clean eating,” is a myth. -3X
Diet and Exercise Awp314 3 2 monthsEricleader22 (1): Sure I'd love to help Eric leader Owner