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Routine Design for Dummies 1.0 eknight 177 2 dayskeylemike (13): Great post! Really inspirational.
Simply Shredded FAQ - Read before posting! Frostshock 38 1 yearRyanEdward (10): Awesome post
Water Weight While On Cycle? TheSociaLToasT 3 44 minuteseknight (57826): Wrong forum. -3X
Max lifts when you were 16-17 year old. BigLadMatty 7 8 hoursJesus (166): Pretty Good lifts for 16. Keep going my child. Bless. -Your Father.
2018 Onwards and Upwards Log varunj17 6 11 hoursvarunj17 (498): Cycle 1 Week3: Monday: 1. Squats: Set 1: 105kg X4 Set 2: 105kg X4 Set 3: 105kg X4 Set 4: 107.5kg X4 3. Pause Squats: 4*3 sets X 85kg 3. Deadlifts: Set 1: 130kg X2 Set 2: 130kg X2 Set 3: 130kg X2 Set 4: 130kg X2 4. Snatch Grip Dl from a 45lb plate: 100kg X3sets *4 5. Strict Behind the neck Shoulder Press : 4 X 4 at 50kg 6. Dumbell Bench: Set 1: 30kg X5 Set 2: 32kg X5 Set 3: 32kg X4 Set 4: 34kg X5 7. Dumbell SLDL: 4 Sets *8 at 22, 24,26...
2018 Lets Get it! adale 22 15 hoursadale (49): 2.17.18 Saturday Squat 120lbs 2x4, 1x8 Bench 100lbs 2x4, 1x8 Sumo DL 135lbs 2x6 with 2-3 RIR Pullups 5,5,4 Barbell row 75lbs 3x8 same weight DB Lying Tricep Extension 10lbs 2x10 Cable External Rotations (I just try to do more reps each time, currently hitting about 12reps for 3sets aim is 30reps at 5lbs) Hitting 8 reps means another 10lb increase for bench and squat for next week Saturday. Working out in the day like two hours...
My training log getfit24 88 1 daygetfit24 (43): 3 rounds 8 135lb barbell deadlift 6 burpees 10 20lb kettlebell swing 10 15lb kettlebell snatch — Abs: 2x30 sec plank 3x20 heel touches 3x15 bicycle crunches 3x15 mountain climb — 5 sets 10 ball throws, 15lbs 40 sec plank 4 sets 12 hip thrusts 12 10lb db push press 3 sets 12 SDL 12 20lb db rows 30 sec ea side suitcase carry
Another LOG for the Old Man wannabemuscular 260 2 dayswannabemuscular (33141): Saturday 2/17: Back and biceps Wide Grip Pulldown: 120x12, 140x12, 160x12 V-Grip Pulldown: 200 3x8 Cable Straight Arm Pushdown: 70 3x12 Superset: -- Cable Internal Rotation: 15 2x15 -- Cable External Rotation: 10 2x20 Hammer Strength Alternating One Arm Pulldown w/Isometric hold: 75/75 2x10 Hammer Strength Alternating One Arm Row w/Isometric hold: 70/70 2x10 Hammer Strength Row: 220 3x8 DB Reverse Fly: 25 3x10 DB Alternate Curl: 50...
DeFranco's SB911 Program salokin2 6 6 dayseknight (57826): No, it’s strictly training if I recall. Most of those guys/girls had diets that were well managed and spot-on, and I didn’t run SB911 with the intent of leaning out, so I can’t speak to that aspect of it, but it’s a solid strength program with lots of fun variables and would definitely recommend. -3X
POUND FOR POUND STRENGTH IS STUPID JakeSimmonds 245 8 daysJesus (166): Yes how may i help my child?
Want to loose 15 pounds!!!!! Angelica 14 8 daysTrools (1): Eat mostly healthy food and add food like spinach to things you like to make.
Rate my workout plan Sionizer 3 9 daysJesus (166): Gerkins dipped in ice cream with sardines
please estimate my bodyfat% Jawidthcel 14 9 daysJesus (166): 16.99% Bless you my child.
Advice for resolving a winged scapula? forgottenpass 4 12 daysframe (73): I had rather small issue, not major winging scapula as on picture but just slight displacement, that was fixed by these wall slides and additional rotator cuff work for beteter posture. Even slight displacement / wrong position of scapula during continuous exercises if not taken care of may cause a severe injury.. I believe this issue caused me a severe left shoulder injury ( crushed tendon+terrible shoulder impigement - i was even stupid enough...
The most famous hair transplant doctor in Tu sharif1987 1 14 dayssharif1987 (1): Zen hair transplant center is the best hospital in Turkey for hair transplant and plastic surgery. Our Doctor is OLCAY SAYGIN has 17 years of experience in the hair transplant field. We have been classified as the best hair transplant center in Turkey according to the Turkish Ministry of Health. Our hospital is ISO and Temos certified. We are the only hospital who gives...
Good Quality Steroids Available in Stock marrionchester 6 14 daysgetfit24 (43): I've read about crazy bulk though.... I personally wouldn't trust em. I feel like they're nothing but a textbook scam. Just my two cents..
First meet log lolssons 65 17 dayslolssons (1225): bench 3x5 110kg 2x2 122,5kg 2x1 130kg tricep extension 3x10 17,5kg dumbbells
Whey Protein on Off Days? randallkevin 4 18 daysNorIda (46864): What they said^^^
Diet Advice for Gymer? kubipan 5 18 daysYeags (1057): Whey protein and coffee🙄🙄🙄
Hgh test e Davidwynne 6 20 daysJacksonBern (1): I think that with hgh the clone will gain more muscle mass because it is more important than test e. You should read the side effects test e.
5/3/1 - A Good Program for Mass? randallkevin 7 22 dayseknight (57826): Not sure I understand the question about being written for athletes, but here is a link to my preferred version: -3X
Skinnyfat, what the solution here lordennnn 2 27 daysJsn3004 (3178): If your bodyfat really is around 30 percent, then you should be eating in a caloric deficit. You should read the FAQ and Routine Design for Dummies which are the first two threads on the homepage of the forum.
Demonize supplement Spencer1104 6 27 dayskeylemike (13): Sorry to say I have not tried that one yet. So I have no idea about it. But I have used some supplements which work well. They helped me to reach my goal. Try this Healthy Self Programs
My pecs are growing slow but my arms fast? Purple115 5 29 daysfitnessfreaky (1): Just be patient, everybody is different, so I don't think you have to worry at all.
Back from the layoff Log varunj17 49 1 monthvarunj17 (498): Back in Melbourne after a 6 week holiday in Canada and the US whcih involved lots of drinking and lots of eating ..and zero gymming!!!!! starting the GYm back next Week...not sure where to start...just from where i left off which was a DUP routine or get onto something new any tips???
So few training logs on this forum... lolssons 5 1 monthlolssons (1225): Yeah I myself use it for tracking my work. But it is nice to see others hitting it hard to!
Carb Cycling Advise cuban73 2 1 monthwannabemuscular (33141):
How Can I Get Stronger? Add to my workout. JakeSimmonds 17 1 monthJsn3004 (3178): So which one is it? Because now you're changing your mind every other post. You have a camera on your phone, all you have to do is record yourself performing the lift. You don't need to ask the gym for permission, and nobody is going to file a grievance.
New to the weight loss community! keylemike 5 1 monthkeylemike (13): Follow what your doctor prescribed. Good luck!
muscle strongest range Hambo 2 1 monthNorIda (46864): I didn't realize contracted was a position. I can contract my biceps while my arm is straight and when my arm is bent. Yet again op asks a dumb question.
How to get heart rate between 120-130 Fend3rstrat 14 1 monthkeylemike (13): Would you like to add anything reliable?
Smart watches...??? haole 6 1 monthkeylemike (13): Congrats! Enjoy your new watch.
my return to the forum _peterbrah 4 1 monthkeylemike (13): Great return. Thanks for sharing.
muscle myth Hambo 6 1 monthkeylemike (13): Its of course factor. Because lots of people are still trying to gain muscle.
Help 17 year old powerlifter with program xHxry 7 1 monthFiremanSi (42304): Why is that exactly ?? More than willing to listen to why u think increasing frequency of the lifts for beginners is not a good idea ?? Also OHP not being a comeptive lift it makes sense to increase ur bench frequency across the week in its place.
Front raises Hambo 5 1 monthNorIda (46864): Instructions unclear. Your dick is stuck in the fan.
Time to switch it up GreekLegend 9 1 monthNorIda (46864): No. @keylemike don't listen to this trash.
Christmas Yeags 3 1 monthNorIda (46864):
I need some encouragement guys... TootCRoll 13 1 monthJacksonBern (1): Hey. My father was overweight and testosterones helped him. There is information about this: The subject of testosterone therapy for weight loss has been discussed for many years, with medical science weighing in on both sides of the debate. On one side, numerous studies have shown that obese men who received testosterone injections lost weight, and gained an equal amount of lean body mass. On the other hand, some doctors have questioned...
Fasting Humblelifts 6 1 monthsalokin2 (94): This isn't ask Jeeves, google it. Here you get the 1st one for free: When a person gets hungry, [s]he will likely have a lower level of blood sugar, and the body will want to replenish the blood sugar levels through eating. In order to make the person 'hungry', the body circulates ghrelin throughout the blood to increase your appetite and make you eat. However, after some time of not responding to the desire to eat, the body will naturally burn...
Triceps bulges Hambo 4 2 monthsJsn3004 (3178): Please do. We're really really curious.
Deadlift form? Fletch7878 7 2 monthsEricleader22 (1): Just be very careful deadlifting, you can really injure your lower back badly. I've done that before and was out a few weeks :( Just make sure you have the perfect form for the exercise.
who missess simplyshredded forum ? dollar786 13 2 monthsr1c0 (55): Likewise, I had given myself shoulder impingement Sept of '14 and never returned because i was trying to rehab,but my schooling also got harder. Currently still at a local CC wanting to transfer out to do Electrical Engineering. I was in the middle of a phat routine, never returned to the gym until recently because i sit on my ass basically all day between the commute to work in the morning, school, 2 band practices. I felt around the time...
2 months fierce 5 - critique ? new2lift123 5 2 monthsnew2lift123 (1): @FiremanSi i'm doing fierce 5 novice program. 3 days a week full body
Muscle group every 5th day johnb46 2 2 monthseknight (57826): Nothing wrong with that. Personally I’d prefer an upper/lower but that’s probably splitting hairs. The important thing is that you’re finding time to still get in your workouts in spite of all your other commitments. -3X
Purely building muscle---How to lift? forgottenpass 6 2 monthsforgottenpass (370): Good point man! I've been thinking of doing a split like that, where I have heavy low rep days then, another day with higher rep work. Oh shit, totally forgot about rack pulls, thanks! These are great for me since they don't require much knee flexion!
i have a issue tristana 3 2 monthsjostrosky (289): thats great that you posted your workout but what about your diet and thats a lot of running unless you are going to be eating a ton. I mean an hour and a half running on sat alone with 4 HIIT sessions a week i would have to eat 7000 calories to maintain
estimate my bf calindan2013 11 2 monthsjostrosky (289): @calindan2013 then use that number as a baseline. I think @eknight is closer because your "V" is not significantly lean right there. Those machines typically have a 3-5% inaccuracy. If you want a true percentage go get hydro static weighed or even better DEXA scanned. I was as low as 5% on DEXA scan
Advice for Short Lunchtime Workouts(45 min) randallkevin 3 2 monthsjostrosky (289): @randallkevin Yeah I agrere with @forgottenpass. You can get your whole workout in within a 45 min period. Headphones in and time your rest period so that you know that you are not over extending the resting so that you can maximize gym time. Have your routine planned so that you know exactly where you are going next and also have a back up exercise just in case you are not able to utilize that area due to someone else there i.e. bench, squat...
Why Does Soy Reduce Estrogen In Studies? biohacked 1 2 monthsbiohacked (1): Soy is widely known in health circles as pro-estrogenic and feminizing and men are recommended to avoid it. If that’s actually the case, can anyone explain why serum estrogen levels actually decrease in soy-supplemented groups in studies in both men and women? And why is there an inverse relationship between hormone dependent cancers such as breast and prostate cancer (I suppose all cancers are hormone dependent) and soy consumption? Here are...